24 Jun 2018 FURIES Clisson, Fr Hell Stage - Hellfest Hell Stage - Hellfest Tickets

  1. Preview : Unleash The Furies Furies 1:31
  2. Preview : Prince Of The Middle East Furies 1:34
  3. La Guerriere Furies 4:37

Bass & Vocals : Lynda Basstarde
Drums : Zaza Bathory
Lead Guitars : Billy Laser x Sam Flash

Somewhere, in a land where Heavy Metal is king, throughout eternal night and mascara coloured blood reign… That is where Furies stand. A powerful voice echoing like a hymn, chanted by Lynda Basstarde, lands on top of screaming, shredding guitars and rock solid, bulletproof riffs that lift the squadron to celestial drifts. The charismatic warrior fronts also with her bass, together with Zaza Bathory who pounds her drumkit until it bleeds.
It is a closely-knit gang, that is preparing to show their rules. Two guitarists play the lead part: Billy Laser and Sam Flash. With their evil guitar riffs and diabolic melodies, the two metalheads clash upon epic maniac tricks and merciless shred. Furies proudly voice their inspirations, from Black Sabbath to Annihilator, including NWOBHM like Judas Priest as well as Iron Maiden.. Their music revives a certain idea of old school Metal, tinged by the sound of their forefathers H Bomb, Malédiction or Sortilège. But their music sounds, however, fresh and brand-new, likely due to a formidably Heavy female voice, renewing a 80’s aesthetic with today’s weapons. The parisian four piece are now working on their next tricks, to soon deliver their debute album. Follow them if you dare !